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How Do I Want To Do This?

Narrative Vs Simulationist Systems & How To Run Them.

There are many ways to differentiate between and to group the many tabletop RPG systems out there. Often, this is done by genre (Epic Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Urban Fantasy, etc.) or by the origins of the system, whether mechanically or inspirationally  (OSR, OGL, Tolkienian). One way of grouping systems is according to an important, underlying aspect which shapes the whole experience : is the game Narrative or Simulationist?

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Fishy’s State Of The Nat1 Address

So here we are, with a nice new site for blogging about nerdy stuff on, and I haven’t posted anything yet. It sort of feels wrong.

Actually, forget the “sort of”.

Anyone who has been around long enough to remember previous versions of may recall that, while I was never a prolific blogger, much of the content was mine. So, what went wrong?

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Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2018

On the 8th of December, at the Theatre Deli in South London, a massed group of talented people gathered to do something good; raising money for Mind, the mental health charity, over the course of 12 hours of games.

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D&D and the myth of Party Balance

Let me tell you about my character

“We’ve got a Tank, a DPS, a Bard and a Cleric so you’ve got to play an Arcane spellcaster of some kind, right?”

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Episode 6 of Galasweyn Investigations is now on YouTube

For those following the misadventures of Heamus and Dagread, lost and confused in the world of The Witcher TRPG from R Talsorian, episode 6 is now available.

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UnCon 4.0; a minicon coming on in leaps and bounds

It’s tricky to organise a games convention. You need to get the infrastructure right and enable everyone watching or playing to have a good time.

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Well this is all new

Look at all the space – we could put up shelves, maybe a feature wallpaper. Or perhaps the Front for Organised Gaming could just welcome you to its new website.

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