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D&D and the myth of Party Balance

Let me tell you about my character

“We’ve got a Tank, a DPS, a Bard and a Cleric so you’ve got to play an Arcane spellcaster of some kind, right?”

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Episode 6 of Galasweyn Investigations is now on YouTube

For those following the misadventures of Heamus and Dagread, lost and confused in the world of The Witcher TRPG from R Talsorian, episode 6 is now available.

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UnCon 4.0; a minicon coming on in leaps and bounds

It’s tricky to organise a games convention. You need to get the infrastructure right and enable everyone watching or playing to have a good time.

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Well this is all new

Look at all the space – we could put up shelves, maybe a feature wallpaper. Or perhaps the Front for Organised Gaming could just welcome you to its new website.

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