Front for Organised Gaming

…or FOG to its friends, started a long, long time ago as an attempt to bring some order to a tabletop gaming group. Times change, things move on and now FOG is an umbrella covering a tabletop, computer game and streaming community.  Our mission statement is to inform and support gamers of all stripes, whether they are just getting started or have been playing since shortly before dinosaurs walked the Earth.

A core part of the community support is Hobbygamers International, or HInt, formed from the members of our Discord server and providing chat, tech support and ad  vice from across the globe. Whenever you’re on line there’ll probably somebody to talk to 🙂

For updates on what we’re playing and to ask about gettting involved, find us on @HIntPlays on Twitter. Hobbygamers International run a weekly RPG game over VSee, which we stream on Twitch. We play a variety of games on a story by story basis in ongoing settings. We’ve recently finished a scenario set in an adaptation of the Crimson Skies computer and miniatures game. Currently we’re playing R Talsorian’s new Witcher TRPG. We have an AD&D 2ndEd game in the rotation and numerous other games ripe for one-offs and standalones.  Games Master duties shift with the games, giving everyone a chance to be a player and megalomaniacal deity GM.

Druttercup and HIntFishy are the people behind FOG, friends and gamers of long standing and very different approaches. To find out more click on the logos.