Look at all the space – we could put up shelves, maybe a feature wallpaper. Or perhaps the Front for Organised Gaming could just welcome you to its new website.

Linda (Druttercup) and Gavin (Fishy) will be blogging about whatever catches our attention in geek culture and its environs, whether it’s the stuff we love, things we hate or trends which may baffle and confuse.

We’re both gamers of many, MANY years standing so to be fair you can expect a  lot of posts related to games of all flavours, media and stripes. We’ll also be delving into films, television, books and theworld of technology as and when it occurs to us to so do.
You can expect some honest opinions and the occasional free and frank exchange of views but aside from filtering for taste and decency you can guarantee we’ll be upfront – our thoughts, likes and dislikes are our own.
From time to time we hope to showcase guest bloggers, once we’ve worked out what bait to use and set out the humane traps. We’ll be reposting (with permission, appropriate links and a minimum of face-pulling) articles from friends and colleagues, to spread the love and give you some alternate viewpoints.
Front for Organised Gaming (FOG) has a life away from this site; we’ve our own Discord server where you can come and chat with us and other members of the Hobbygamers International community. We started this as Twitch streamers to have a place for chatting with viewers and it’s grown into quite the little community. They’re a friendly bunch with a wide range of interests and skills, making them terribly handy for identifying tech issues, organising multiplay games or getting into it about books, films or telly. Sometimes they even stay on-topic. Occasionally. On a related note, if you’d like to hear our dulcet tones we are working on a podcast project with streamer and game-friend Nitebytes.