On the 8th of December, at the Theatre Deli in South London, a massed group of talented people gathered to do something good; raising money for Mind, the mental health charity, over the course of 12 hours of games.

If you’re not familiar with how Twitch marathons work, they normally occur in a controlled environment (usually the streamers’ home/studio) and they absolutely don’t normally include a live audience there, in person, downing coffee alongside the cast and crew and trying to avoid knocking over the cameras. Logistical nightmare it may have been but I HOPE we contributed to the atmosphere… we also gave the online audience something else to laugh at as we were on 360 degree video thanks to TruVision. A fact I wish I’d remembered when we were chanting the theme to The Antiques Roadshow as tension music. Many times 😀

We were promised japes and shenanigans and there were those aplenty, sometimes nudging a bit close to the content limits for a family friendly stream but I won’t tell if you don’t and nothing went over the edge. Controlled chaos? Referree’d ribaldry? Probably close enough.

There were also so very, very many games, ranging from the bizarre dating cardgame Billionaire Banshee to the Christmas themed Honey Heist RPG, run by creator Grant Howitt,  that somehow ended in an on Heaven propelled by the spirits of dogs. I watched it and I’m not sure I could diagram that path.

Computer games weren’t neglected, and Jack Box, Mount Your Friends and Cluster Truck (remember that riding the ribaldry line? Found the line) provided laughs and adrenaline-fuelled engagement from the audience as the day wore on.

After gee-ing everyone up, a form of calm was reasserted with the flying ship treasure hunting game Celestia, which had less yelling and much more back-biting and treachery. It’s available on Boardgame Arena so expect that one to turn up in a #MidWeekMultiPlay some time.

The livestream is still available on VOD on the Rusty Quill Twitch channel for a few days, but the many, many clips from the day will live on. They have just reached their £4k donation target but that’s no reason to stop donating. Targets are basically just guidelines after all.

The whole cast and crew deserve plaudits for pulling this immensely challenging event together, giving us a load of laughs while supporting the awesome Mind, who have a special place in our hearts here at the Front for Organised Gaming. Deserving of special mention though are Anil Godigamuwe, tirelessly running the social media team before, during and after the stream and Mike LeBeau, a crackling ball of energy who spends a huge chunk of the year making these streams happen and who, somehow, keeps  grinning from start to end.