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So here we are, with a nice new site for blogging about nerdy stuff on, and I haven’t posted anything yet. It sort of feels wrong.

Actually, forget the “sort of”.

Anyone who has been around long enough to remember previous versions of may recall that, while I was never a prolific blogger, much of the content was mine. So, what went wrong?

Frankly, life.

Between my work and home life I just haven’t found much time for anything creative in a while but I promise to try and correct that. I have some old articles which I plan to dust off and repost,  perhaps with updated content; I have some new rants, destined to annoy another generation of gamers; and I want to return Mappa Monday to its roots as a blog post.

With this last in mind, I have subscribed, for the first time ever, to a Cartographers Annual while it is current. Each month, during 2019, I shall blog my opinions of the latest issue. There will also be occasional forays into the mapping process as it applies to whatever games I am running at the time.

You can also look forward to some “first look” posts as I give my views on games entering my collection.

There you go, I’ve promised all that now so you are fully within your rights to bug me on Twitter or Discord if I don’t deliver. Or set Drutt on me; that works, too.

2018 was a pretty crappy year, apart from Crimson Skies (Thanks Nite!) and the success of our Witcher TTRPG Actual Play (Thanks Drutt!) but here’s looking forward a to a more productive 2019. Whatever games you play, whomever you play them with, and whether you agree with my opinions or not, I hope you have a great New Year and that 2019 brings you all that you desire (unless you desire Brexit, and Trump staying in the Whitehouse, in which case here’s hoping you get everything else).


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  1. Druttercup

    Good call re Campaign Cartographer; your obvious enthusiasm for the product always shows and if this helps you be more prolific then frankly yay.

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