HIntPlays have settled into a 3-week rotation on Sunday evenings, with HIntFishy, Druttercup and Nitebytes sharing GMing duties. Currently the games stack up like this:

First up we have Coriolis, GM’d by HIntFishy. A science-fantasy opus of human colonisation with a distinctly Arabian Knights vibe.

Catch up on Coriolis: Third Horizon. Dark Flowers

Next is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition. Nitebytes has dropped the party into Middenheim and we’re dealing with missing gladiators, a kidnapped child and a strange summoning circle.

Warhammer FRP: New viewers start here

Finally, we come to my game of Castle Falkenstein by R Talsorian Games. A game of politics and high derring-do in an alternate version of the Victorian era, where steampunk rubs shoulder with Magick and Faeries take tea with Dragonlords at exclusive parties.

Character creation for the larger-than-life Castle Falkenstein

It’d be lovely to see you around so please catch up on our games, if you like what we do Subscribe to the Druttercup channel on YouTube and catch us live on Twitch every Sunday at 18.30 (Currently GMT, will be BST as of the end of March).