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FOG On Twitch World Of Fosforos

The world of Fosforos is s’standard’ fantasy world created for HinT to play D&D 3rd edition in. With the streaming of these adventures and the inclusion of viewers in some Fosforos games it was time to start putting the setting online for anyone to play with. So, here it is.

Inland Sea Click here for Amarant Bay.
Overview History The West The Centre The East
The World of Fosforos is © Gavin L G Steele & Linda M Evans. Permission is granted to expand, develop and use the setting for your own games and non-commercial gaming or fiction publications. Enjoy your visit. Primary on-stream play occurs in Vered & around the Inland Sea This is staying here for now but all of this info is being duplicated in the FOG Wiki. When the Wiki goes live, this page will be removed.