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Fishy (or Gavin as his Mother likes to call him) was spawned

in the UK’s south-east in 1972, discovering tabletop and video

gaming in the early-to-mid 1980s. He started with The Hobbit

text adventure game on Commodore 64 and the Maelstrom RPG

before moving on to the 1983 Red Box edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Before finding real RPGs he played the awsome  Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson almost obsessively. Since then he has never really looked back and has, indeed, designed a number of tabletop game systems himself - a couple of which have seen the light of day under the OCD label.

In 2015 he started streaming, after watching Elite Dangerous beta streams to tide him over until release. In 2016 he finally achieved his goal of starting to stream tabletop games using the Roll20 virtual tabletop.