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Mappa Monday is a series started by Fishy on his blog, and then transferred to his Twitch livestream. Some of the maps created for this are posted to his blog so that readers can save on their own device and use in their games. These maps are usually battlemat style maps designed and exported for use with the Roll20 virtual tabletop.

Click here or on the logo above to find an archive of Mappa Monday maps (coming soon).

Mappa Monday Archive Mapping For Games

Neither Drutty or I can claim be to experts when it comes to making maps, there are certainly far better cartographers out there, but after years of playing and Gamesmastering RPGs we both have an idea of what should and shouldn’t be in a map if it is to be useful in-game.

We both use the excellent Campaign Cartographer from Profantasy Software, currently in version 3 and with a 3+ upgrade on the way. While there are cheaper ways to make maps for your games there are few (if any) better ways if you need or want your maps to be in digital form. Software like CC3, Fractal Mapper from NBOS, or Dunjinni provide ways from the artistically challenged (like me) to produce maps which look good and will impress your players.

On Monday afternoons (UK Time), I stream my Mappa Monday sessions using CC3 and am available to chat about mapping or gaming in general on Twitch.tv/hintfishy.

These pages will approach the subject of mapping form the point of view of those of us who need a little help, based on feedback from the live streams. This mapping, from a GM’s point of view rather than that of an artistic cartographer, has a different feel to the more decorative style but you can still make maps that look good even when your primary focus is on imparting information.