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Timeline in the Gohali Calendar (Gohali Reckoning).

The Veredian calendar (Veredian Reckoning) begins in GR 608.

The Nahrish calendar (Year Of The Pharoahs) begins in bGR 927.

The Imperial calendar (Imperial Year) begins in bGR 110.

The calendar of the Spring Kingdom (Kingdom Year) begins in GR 881.

The now defunct Merithian calendar (Merithian Year) began in bGR 1152.

bGR 6476First Elves arrive on Western Continent.

bGR 5500 Elven settlement of the Inland Sea region.

bGR 5000 Elven bring technology and magic to primitive humans in the Inland Sea Region.

bGR 3100 Rise of the Shon'Tar Empire.

bGR 2903 A split with the Elven community in Shon'Tar causes a number to relocate beneath the Inland Sea,

become Blue Elves.

bGR 2898 Blue Elves cut off all contact with their brethren on land.

bGR 2762 The Cult of The Dark rises in Shon'Tar, causing discord for a few years and threatening to overthrow

the government.

bGR 2500 First contact between the Shon'Tar and the plane of Coil.

bGR 2200 Yuan'Ti tyrrany of Amon'Shola forms.

bGR 1950 Fall of the Shon'Tar Empire. Remaining Elves become isolationist or nomadic. Rise of the One True God.

bGR 1780 Survivors from Shon'Tar bring civilisation to Nahr.

bGR 1664 Start of the Elven Exodus, most depart but some choose to remain in the Inland Sea region.

bGR 1650 Remaining High Elves from a hidden Kingdom in the mountains of the Inland Sea region.

bGR 1623 Priests of Re-Horakty first appear among the godless folk of Nahr.

bGR 1534 Priests of Re-Horakty crown the first Pharoah of Nahr.

bGR 1150 Foundation of the city of Derimos.

bGR 1100 War in Nahr replaces the childless Pharoah Amaranti with his cousin.

bGR 650 Gods of the Olympian Pantheon raise primitive humans to civilisation in Gohal.

bGR 350 A Gohali Bard named Himian journeys, with the help of Herakles, to the afterlife and retrieves his lover.

bGR 250 First recorded mention of a man believed to be Amaran, Archmage of the Inland Sea.

bGR 209 Recorded Destruction of Dermius.

bGR 161 In response to threats on the northern border the Merithian Legions are withdrawn.

bGR 152 True fall of Derimos.

bGR 110 Foundation of Neodermius.

bGR 9  Beginning of the "Age of Expansion".

GR 1  After a confrontation with the One True God the Olympian pantheon depart Gohal.

GR 141  Neodermius renamed "Imperial City".

GR 550  The Red Dragon Garanxam, a Great Wyrm, first appears in Gohal.

GR 600  The kingdom of Vered forms a from a number of fueding local tribes.

GR 786  Garanxam destroys the city of Mentebes in Gohal.

GR 789  After three years of hunting and three battles Amaran's Gohli hunters drive Garanxam from Gohal.

GR 881  Richarde of Saladosh crowned the "Spring King".

GR 900  Richarde dies, leaving the throne to his daughter, Lahra.

            The Priesthood of Re-Horakty begins to "dispute" the word of Pharoah.

GR 975  Garanxam returns and begins terrorising Gohal, demanding tribute and sacrifice.

GR 978  Amaran appears in Gohal and drives off Garanxam. Neither are seen in Gohal again.

GR 1000 The High Priest of Re-Horakty is put to death for criticising the new Pharoah, the cult quietens.

GR 1075 Amaran, Archmage of the Inland Sea, dies. The identity of his Tomb builders remains a mystery.

GR 1078 Gohali Settlers land in Amarant Bay, calling their colony Gashahl.

GR 1114 The Aquatic Elves make contact with Elves from Gashahl, ending their long isolation.

GR 1120 The Preisthood of Re-Horakty begin to regain confidence, the Pharoah grows old and his son is weak.

GR 1132 Veredian explorers settle at Dansat, the village grows rapidly into first a town and then a city.

GR 1140 The old Pharoah dies, long past his time, and his son is ill prepared to be Pharoah.

GR 1145 Amtisra, the last Pharoah, is excommunicated and sacrificed to Re-Horakty, the Priest Kings now rule Narh.

GR 1154 Foundation of Timara by exiled Narhish, including surviving members of the royal family.

GR 1194 King Julian II crowned in Saladosh.

GR 1230 The Battle of Ydirme Vale ends the threat of the Temple of Elemental Evil. (VR 623)

GR 1234 A strange looking ship crewed and Captained by humans but with a tall, blue skinned owner arrives in Dansat

            bearing trade goods of an exotic and arcane nature. After trading for a few days the ship departs and is

            never seen again.

GR 1235 A meteorite falls near the town of Rockfind. Jeran DaNann forges an enchanted longsword from the ore found in the rock

GR 1239 King Graham crowned in Saladosh.

GR 1240 The risen Temple of Elemental Evil is destroyed by a party of adventurers dedicated to Pelor. (VR 633)

GR 1250 The South Warden is briefly beset by the Imperial Uprising led by Kayem Lisarian.

GR 1252 Current year (VR 645, YP 2180, IY 1363)